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We at Trim and Proper are your Ottawa hedge and property maintenance service specialists serving all areas: Kanata, Stittsville, Carp, Dunrobin, Woodlawn, Carleton Place, Barrhaven, Manotick, Greely, Orleans, Gloucester and beyond.


Property Owners

Assisting property owners to transform their hedges and property maintenance to meet their lifestyle, privacy and property goals through specialized hedge maintenance services.

What you can expect from your Ottawa’s hedge and property maintenance service specialists: We recognize our clients lead busy lives and the health of their hedges isn’t always front and center. Trim and Proper will ensure that you receive either a phone call or email, or both to follow up with you each season to book your appointment.

Our crews will conduct themselves with the utmost respect for your property and surrounding areas. We are known in our industry as the top professional hedge trimming team in Ottawa for good reason.

We guarantee your experience with us will be one you are happy with and telling your neighbours about. We back all of our work & will ensure you receive only the top hedges and property maintenance services in Ottawa.



Hedge trimming is an essential part of proactively maintaining a healthy hedge. Consistent hedge trimming is recommended every 1 – 2 years, and can have many benefits as listed below:

  • Stimulates and thickens new healthy green growth
  • Prevents hedge branch encroachment from overtaking yard space
  • Can establish or maintain a proper branch skeletal structure for desired shape or height
  • Can help prevent possible damage caused by heavy winter snow loads

For added growth stimulus and overall hedge health, we also offer and recommend hedge fertilization to help give the trees the nutrients to stay healthy and growing.

We are proud to lead our industry to environmentally friendly practices by using electric battery powered hedge trimming equipment, which is cleaner and much less noisy than gas powered equipment.  We know our clients, their neighbours, and our planet appreciate it.


    Lawn Aeration can be a simple and effective way to improve your lawn’s health and keep it looking green.  There are many benefits to aerating your lawn as listed below:

    • Improves air exchange between the soil and atmosphere
    • Reduces water runoff
    • Improves soil water intake and water penetration
    • Reduces soil compaction
    • Improves stronger grass roots
    • Enhances heat and drought lawn stress tolerance

    Trim & Proper ensures to clean our equipment between each property as not to allow cross contamination of possible weeds or contaminants between clients properties.


    driveway Sealing

    Driveway Sealing can be an essential proactive maintenance measure that can help prolong the life of your driveway’s asphalt as well as prevent damage from weather and use.  There are many benefits to sealing your driveway as listed below:

    • Can help make driveway asphalt more flexible and less likely to crack
    • Sealing cracks can help protect driveway asphalt from water damage which penetrates cracks and erodes asphalt base
    • Can help protect the asphalt from sun damage and prolong the life of your driveway
    • Can help protect driveway asphalt from contaminants such as gas or oil spills
    • Can improve the appearance and curb appeal of your driveway
    • Can help make driveway more durable and resistant to wear and tear

    Trim & Proper uses only top quality commercial grade water based coal tar protective asphalt sealant that leaves a beautiful and fresh jet-black matte finish to your driveway asphalt. It is recommended to seal your driveway every 2-3 years for best protection and to maximize extending asphalt driveway life.


    Eavestrough cleaning can be an essential part of ensuring proper rain water drainage as well as preventing possible damage or leaks to your home.  There are many benefits to cleaning your eavestroughs, as listed below: 

    • Can prolong the life of your eavestroughs and roof
    • Can prevent leaks in your home, or basement
    • Can prevent foundation damage
    • Allows proper unobstructed water flow

    Our service includes the flushing of the downspouts to ensure no obstructions will interfere with proper water drainage.


    Clean exterior windows and frames can help give any home a beautiful shine, as well as allow for some nice clear views of the outdoors.  Trim & Proper’s particular service methods have many benefits as listed below: 

    • All our methods are chemical free
    • All our methods have streak free finish
    • We treat all water used with a Reverse Osmosis De-Ionization (RODI) filtration system to ensure a zero residue finish when dry


    Holiday & Christmas Lights are a magical way to have your home or property light up with dancing lights for the holidays.  Trim & Proper can help take away the danger and stress of installing them and taking them down.  We offer many flexible options for white or multi-colored lights, and packages include:

    • Sets of 100ft strands of white or multi-colored Holiday & Christmas lights
    • Extension cords
    • Electric timer set to clients preference of specific on/off time

    Trim & Proper can set you up with a safe, stress free Holiday & Christmas light installation/takedown package that will automatically turn on and off to your preferences without any daily hassle. Just sit back and enjoy their magic!

    Call us today at 613-406-3366 or email at to set up an appointment to see how we can help you transform your hedges and your property.

    Trim & Proper is Ottawa's leading full hedge and property maintenance service company, built on over 15 years of industry experience.

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